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The Miracle on Ice

Elli here reporting from the actually not-so-cold north of Baldwinsville, NY.  The weather here has been absolutely crazy the past couple weeks - but in a good way!  The locals keep telling us that this is a fluke, and it’sneverlike this.  Either way, Kasey and I are counting ourselves lucky with 75 degree days (though it has cooled down a bit this week).

I’ve been keeping busy trying to reduce the brewery’s total extract loss, but that first starts out with figuring out exactly how to track it.  Because Baldwinsville makes so many different brands and styles of beer, it’s very difficult to assign one process for collecting data relating to volumes, ballings (a measure of density), and then eventually percentage loss.  Combine that with inaccurate data and then a crazy release schedule, my project definitely turned out to have lot of different directions to go in.  So to hopefully consolidate all this information in a useful way, I’ve been developing a extract loss tracker that will take in data from all steps along the brewing process and allows anyone to trend that data for specific dates, brands, and steps.  It’s definitely been a difficult process, but I’m excited to produce something that will impact the brewery in a large way.

As for outside of work, Kasey and I took the opportunity to drive up to Lake Placid last week and walk around the 1932 and 1980 Olympic village.  It’s a pretty small town (nothing like the extravagance that China had a couple of years ago), but it was fun to see where the USA hockey team won their famous gold medal.  We even got a chance to go bobsledding on the official Olympic run!  Going 55mph in basically a metal tube on ice was definitely a rush.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Kasey and I in a bobsled (not the real one we rode - but it’s Budweiser branded!).

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