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Supply Day One

Hey everyone! This is Madeline Bury kicking off the start of the GMT’s supply rotations. Kim, Josh and I are currently in Fort Collins, Colorado and we are so excited to learn all about the brewery.  The Fort Collins brewery is one of the newer Anheuser Busch breweries so it is set up very differently than the one in St. Louis.  I am excited to learn some of the newer technologies that are used in this brewery.

Our first day of our supply rotation started off this morning at 6:45am driving to work where we saw the most beautiful Colorado sunrise.  I would come to work early any day in order to see that beauty.  Once we arrived at work, we were introduced to the senior management team of the brewery and we were able to get to know them better over breakfast.  Also, we met our supervisors and learned about the brewery projects that we will be working on over the course of our supply rotation.   I am working in the supply chain and I am so excited to learn a lot of new things because it is an area of the brewery that I am not that familiar with.

View of our morning drive to work…

Later we went on an in depth brewery tour where we got to see many unique aspects of the Fort Collins brewery.  For instance, Fort Collins is not just a brewery but it is also a distribution center so their warehouse is huge.  I was amazed to see the rows and rows of beer from all over the country.

Also we learned more details about brewing.  We were able to walk through the hops storage facility and smell the subtle differences between a variety of hops.  Fun fact, the proper way to smell hops is to rub them in between your hands because your body heat helps to release the aroma.  Another interesting area we got to explore was the spice room.  Fort Collins brews some of Anheuser Busch’s specialty beers like Shock Top, which require extra spices that are added into the brewing process.  When we entered the room, I instantly was struck the potent smell of pumpkin spice from our seasonal Shock Top Pumpkin Ale. 

But of course my favorite part of the tour was sampling the beer straight out of the lagering tanks.  First, we got to try a fresh batch of Budweiser, which definitely confirmed my notion that fresh beer tastes best.  After that we got to sample Shock Top’s newest brew, End of the World, which does not get released for at least another month!  It was delicious so keep your eyes open for its public release.  If the rest of my supply rotation is just like today then I cannot wait for all of the good times to come!

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