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Back to St. Louis

This week we are all wrapping up our various project rotations as we finish off the final leg of the GMT program. For me, the last month has been a whirlwind of breakthroughs, headaches, and a never ending mission to document everything I’ve done up to this point. It’s absolutely amazing how quickly we can go from nothing to a well established system. The team here has adapted well to the new changes and has wasted no time going from learner to contributor. New ideas are flowing through the project weekly and there is a true sense of ownership in an area that has been built entirely around the needs of its workers. 

As I leave Fairfield and set my focus on St. Louis, I hope to have the opportunity to return in the future and see, first hand, the growth and evolution of can storage. Our experiences in this program have been tremendous and career changing. I am excited to join a talented IBS team in St. Louis and look forward to adding to these experiences as I explore an entirely new aspect of the company.

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