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LA Loves Lime-A-Rita

Hey Lager Blogger followers!  For the past few weeks, I have been hard at work on my project in the National Retail Sales department, mapping every account in our system so we can easily track volume trends in the NRS accounts versus the rest of market area that surrounds it and figure out how and why we are “winning” or “losing” in those accounts.  I had a little change of pace this past week, however, because I was able to travel out to sunny California for the Sales and Trade Marketing initiative called “Score the Store.” 

I traveled to an area called Santa Fe Springs, just 20 minutes south of Los Angeles, and worked with a fantastic wholesaler called Triangle Distribution Company.  For two days, I rode around with Team Leads from their sales team and evaluated accounts based on certain criteria that has a good indication of whether or not the account is doing well with their ABI portfolio.  The market in the greater LA area was drastically different from St. Louis, but from what I saw, they have a majority share in the Premiums and Premium lights… Bud Light cases per store definitely outnumbered any other brand on average, which was a pleasant surprise!  This market also has a high proportion of Hispanic residents, so there was a big presence of our Latino Marketing campaigns, which I had never really seen in practice; it looked great, and apparently really grabs people’s attention!

A major focus of the trip was to concentrate on execution of our national “Big Bets” programs, and regional “Game Plan” programs.  These initiatives include a focus on Bud Light Platinum, Major League Baseball, and our new Bud Light Lime “Lime-a-Rita,” that just launched last week.  So far it seems like it has been wildly successful!  We were also able to go to some Lime-a-Rita promo events to see how the wholesalers are getting the word out there about our great new products!

Below are a few pictures of some great displays I saw while I was in the field:

As others mentioned, this will be our last round of posts as GMTs, but I hope you have enjoyed reading about all of our experiences.  I am happy to announce that I will be moving on the Procurement department here in St. Louis, and I look forward to working with my new team!  As always, feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments.

Hope you all get to enjoy an ice cold Lime-A-Rita soon!


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