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Shout Out to Everyone at the BVL Brewery

Hey everyone. Kasey here, checking in from the Baldwinsville Brewery in NY. Even though this winter was mild, the constant 40-50 degree temperature and rain is starting to wear on me and Elli. I think we both are looking forward to our first permanent positions (I will be a GM in Logistics in Cartersville, GA and she is moving to sunny LA to be a Sales Rep). However, as our weeks in BVL come to a close, we have both been reflecting on the things we will miss and the things we will take away from our experiences here. Without a doubt, the people at the BVL Brewery are by far what we will both miss the most. Therefore, I would like to use my blog post to pay some homage to the people that have influenced me the most in my time here in BVL.

First of all, the Brewmaster, Nick Mills, has been unbelievably helpful in teaching both Elli and I about the brewing department in general. Nick has been an outstanding mentor and manager and has been so much fun to work with. He is also unbelievably knowledgeable about brewing and has great experiences to share, especially due to the complexity and issues dealt with here at the BVL plant. If you can ever get into a taste panel with Nick, there are definitely some fun times to be had…

The second person I would like to highlight is Matt Morgenthaler. Matt is the first person I think of when I think about the sense of inclusion and camaraderie Elli and I experienced here in BVL, even within our first week at the brewery. Matt immediately invited us to help pour at a beer festival in Syracuse which helped us feel like part of the family right from the beginning. The BVL Brewery really is like a family and I am thankful to Matt and everyone else for making it feel that way and including us.

While I could go on for a while, the final person I want to give a shout out to is Al Weaver who was absolutely crucial in making my project a success. Al spent hours teaching me how to code in VBA to create macros in Excel. With his teaching, I was able to code 5 different tools to help the brewing department be more efficient. Most of these tools have already been implemented and met with tons of success. Many people have expressed to me that I have left lasting tools that will be used beyond my tenure at the brewery which is the most I could have asked for, and I have Al to thank for truly making that possible through his teachings.

Like I said, I could go on for a while about how great the BVL family is, but I will end with saying that I will be sad to say goodbye, but I am looking forward to the next step and to meeting the folks at the Cartersville Brewery.

I do not think I will be posting under the job title of a GMT again as we only have 3 weeks to go (I can’t believe it!), so everyone who follows, take care.


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