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Sales in the Beer Basket

Hello from Atlanta field sales! The past month and a half has been a fantastic learning experience, and it’s been exciting to be a part of the good beer work getting done down here in the south. I’m in my second month in the southeast region office, and as I write this the weather outside has turned from good to absolutely phenomenal. Great weather means great beer sales, and the region team here is excited for a huge summer just around the corner. With great brands such as Bud Light Platinum and Shock Top Lemon Shandy booming, the upcoming heavy selling season should be a resounding success.

I have had the particular pleasure for my field assignment to be stationed in a region of the country that can only be described as the “beer basket” for Anheuser-Busch. From the standpoint of market share and brand equity, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama are some of our strongest states in the whole country. Over the last few weeks in my frequent visits out into the trade, I have met value consumers to whom the consumption of Natty Light is a matter of principle, and Budweiser consumers whose fealty to the King spans not just years, but generations. Diving in headfirst to this kind of consumer atmosphere, which our company has spent years and decades building, has been a privilege.

My project involves using six sigma methodology to analyze how we advertise our products at retail. Gaining familiarity with the statistical tools necessary to execute the project has been a rewarding learning curve, and it’s been great to have the opportunity to contribute to our sales process in a concrete way. My project work has been healthily balanced with trade visits out into the field accompanying our field sales personnel, and I’ve posted some pictures of some of the more eye catching displays I’ve seen out in the trade in preparation for March Madness below.

The brand new challenges I’ve faced here highlight one of the great things about the GMT program: the opportunity to encounter entirely new challenges and completely different markets in  a short, swift time period. In the last 8 months I’ve been in L.A., St. Louis, and Atlanta, and in each location have seen and learned about wholly new aspects of the beer business. The constant stream of new challenges and experiences makes the GMT program continuously engaging, and I can only keenly anticipate the future challenges that will come my way after the program ends in May.

Signing off from Anheuser-Busch country,

Taylor D.

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