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Lauren Harrison

School: Purdue

Major: Industrial Engineering


Hello! My name is Lauren Harrison and I graduated in May 2012 from Purdue University where I received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.  I’m from Dallas/Fort-Worth and love to water ski, snow ski, and travel (which will come in handy when I’m traveling for Anheuser-Busch InBev).  This past summer, I went to visit four different countries in Europe and loved all of the varying cultures, food, and arts that I was able to see.

At the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy.

I chose to work for Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev because I love the culture and values that the company embodies.  When I went through the interview process for full-time positions, a lot of companies would talk about how fantastic their company culture was, but AB InBev was the only company that really demonstrated how much they value their employees.  As a Global Management Trainee, I know that I’m getting a great opportunity to see several different facets of the company and spend some time really understanding the brewing process before I dive into my first position.  I’m excited to travel for the next ten months and develop my network, friends, and knowledge base as well as explore several departments within the company!