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Elli Pula


My name is Elli Pula, and I’m a recent graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I majored in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Urban Studies & Planning and Management.  I’m ridiculously excited to be a part of ABInBev’s Global Management Trainee program.  This is an awesome opportunity to really experience and learn about almost all aspects of an international company, and I mean, come on! - It’s a beer company!

I grew up in Naperville, IL, a town about an hour west of Chicago.  I’ve been studying karate since I was 4 years old and am a second degree black belt.  I’ve always been really involved with community service and volunteering, and while at MIT, I helped run a summer camp for kids whose parents have cancer (Camp Kesem).  I also took the whole community service a bit farther by traveling abroad any chance that I could to work in developing countries.  My favorite trip was spending a month in India, developing a new educational curriculum for elementary schools.  I absolutely love trying new foods and finding new restaurants.  I’m also a complete TV nerd and watch almost every popular show that’s out there.

The GMT program was really the perfect job for me because it gives me the exposure to great opportunities, leaders around the company, and great beer!  I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to continue using my engineering education in a more management based program, but every day I’m able to use the problem solving skills and technical knowledge in many aspects of this job.  I’ve been learning so much every single day, and I can’t wait to keep going!