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Colleen Kelly

Hey there! Welcome to my portion of the GMT 2011 blog. I am here to tell you about our program but before I get into some of the cool things we have been doing- introductions are necessary. My name is Colleen Kelly. I was born and raised in Milton, MA, which is right outside of Boston. I just graduated from Babson College. It is a business school just west of Boston focused on entrepreneurship. While I majored in Finance and Law everything we do at Babson is focused on entrepreneurial thought and action. So why am I not off starting my own business or working in an investment firm? Perhaps because working for the biggest beer company in the world is pretty cool- maybe because we get two free cases of beer a month, or maybe it is because this job offers me ten months of intensive and extensive training that will prepare me for an excellent career. I am going to go with the last option on that one. What excited me most about this program was the opportunity to work with 17 other recent college grads. I played field hockey in college and thoroughly enjoyed being part of a team so it is great to now have a built-in group of people sharing similar experiences with me at work. I will each be blogging periodically to give you a better understanding of each rotation that I participate in. My first rotation is in Supply at the Fairfield, CA brewery. So check back for some updates!

Below is a picture of me and one of my best friends from school. We were in Marseille, France this summer as part of our Euro-trip. I’m the brunette!